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swimming in a sea of what could be

'Swimming in a sea of what could be' is a two-channel video installation on a semi-transparent patchwork fabric surface, dyed from self-made plant colours. The fabric surface is hung diagonally in the room in an S-shape so that the projections penetrate the fabric at different distances and appear in different sizes on the projection surface and walls. Round cut-out pieces of mirror foil on the walls and floor reflect the light of the projections, creating a shimmering, moving world of patterns that is repeatedly accentuated by hands and arms stretching across the room. 


The work is related to my research into the mandrake plant, a medicinal plant and one of the best-preserved gynaecological plant substances in history. The thousands of years old stories that have grown up around the plant tell of a plant in human form that promises the solution to the most human of desires: happiness, prosperity, love and fortune. While the fabric is coloured from a variety of different natively grown plants, the patterns of the projections are enlarged drawings of the mandrake root. A continuously shifting sea of patterns moves across fabric, wall and floor from which, almost imperceptibly the shape of human figures emerge.


dimension variable

botanical dyes on cotton fabric, metal, mirror foil, video-projections


Supported by:

Maklersregeling Den Haag

Auswahl 23, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland, 2023  


photo: Leonie Brandner

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