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Notions Are Oceans

‘Notions are Oceans’ is a constellation of almost anatomically correct, hand-embroidered, human organs. The organs are connected by embroidered blood vessels, some of which run into each other and some of which end up in steam beant wood structures - all enveloped by a deep, rich blue colour. A rhythmic inhalation and exhalation sound that rises and subsides flows from loudspeakers in the space, embedding the embroideries in an ocean of inner life.



dimension variable

Hand-embroidery, audio, steam bent wood

Supported by:

Godi Hertig Foundation

Ruth und Edith Suter Foundation

Material sponsor: Holzbiegerei Schweiz

16. Jungkunst, Halle 53, Winterthur, Switzerland, 2022

photo: Johnathan Labusch

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