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Manual For Rocks

A colourful assortment of more or less abstracted, large and oversized objects are mingling cheerfully on a sea of blue carpet. They resemble a somewhat curious living room or maybe a not quite homogenous flat-share: A whisk, a spoon, a cup, a sycamore seed, a rock. The piece ‘Manual For Rocks’ deals humorously with ideas around functionality, belonging, empathy and what it means to live in close proximity with others. The different objects piece together a hopeful, fragile and magical world, infiltrated by autobiographical and purely imaginary stories, a world that seems to be vibrating under the pressure of what is and might be real.


dimension variable

Ceramic, Wood, Papier-Maché, Found Family Photographs, Fabric, Light

Supported by:

NAB Kulturstiftung

Stadt Aarau


ECK Raum für Kunst, Aarau, Switzerland, 2020

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