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b. 1992



CAS Ethnobotany and Ethnomedicine, University Zurich, 2022

Master of Artistic Research (Distinction), Royal Academy of Fine Art, The Hague, 2019-2021

Bachelor Honours Fine Art (First), Chelsea College of Art, University of Arts London, 2013-2016

 Gestalterischer Vorkurs, Hochschule für Kunst und Design, Luzern, 2012-2013


Emerging Artist Opportunity , British Council Germany, Berlin, DE, 2018 - 2019

Barbican Young Visual Arts Group, Barbican, London, UK, 2015 - 2016

UK Young Artist, Leicester Festival, Leicester, UK, 2014

Solo Exhibitions


Cosmology of Dogs, Keinraum,  Lucerne, Switzerland, 2023



Mossopera, Pro Argovia Experiment, Alte Bleichi, Wohlen, Switzerland, 2022

Wilting Moss and Nightdreaming Flower, Positions, Stroom, Den Haag, Netherlands, 2022


Gebrauchsanweisung für Felsen, ECK Raum für Kunst, Aarau, Switzerland, 2020


Liebling Wo Sind Die Fische?, Piano Lounge, Aarau, Switzerland, 2019

Marbellous Living, BcmA, Berlin, Germany, 2019


Fast Zuhaus, Vitrine01, Berlin, Germany, 2018

Die Kunst des Spaghetti-Machens, das Kaptial, Berlin, Germany, 2018

One To Three, Hom, Berlin, Germany, 2018


One More, das Giftraum, Berlin, Germany, 2017

Some Of These Places, im Leeren Raum, Berlin, Germany, 2017


Dinge Sind Dinge Für Dinge, Zimmermannhaus, Brugg, Switzerland, 2016


Empty Space Within Or Below, Kunstraum Aarau, Aarau, Switzerland, 2015

Group Exhibitions


Staunen, ordnen und vergleichen, Haus zur Glocke, Steckborn, Switzerland, April 2024


Auswahl 23, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland, December 2023

Screening, Honden Museum Amsterdam, Netherlands, October, 2023

Big Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 2023

Springboard Art Fair, Utrecht, Netherlands, June 2023

Dog Tails and Rabbit Fur, Grafische Werkplaats, Den Haag, Netherlands, May, 2023

Next Generation, Trudelhaus, Baden, Switzerland, February, 2022


16. Jungkunst, Winterthur, Switzerland, October, 2022

Kunstlokal Festival, Nähmaschinen Museum, Dürften, Switzerland, August 2022

Rizoom, online, April 2022

Nice Flaps, Trixie, Den Haag, Netherlands, April 2022

Woven in Vegetal Fabrics - On Becoming Plant, Casino Display, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, January 2022


Auswahl 21, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland, December 2021

Art The Hague, The Hague, Netherlands, September 2021

Löffel, Bäckerei Kult, Basel, Switzerland, September 2021

Sun Kissed // Fog Off, Quartair, Den Haag Netherlands, March 2021


Auswahl 20, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland, December 2020

The Ongoing Conversation, 1646, Den Haag, Netherlands, June 2020

Simple Fizz, Quartair, Den Haag, Netherlands, March 2020


Wavering Grounds, Pavillon Tribschenhorn, Lucern, Switzerland, October 2019

Slip: Joyrobix European Tour 2019, Aarau, Köln, June 2019

Petra von Kant, Performance Festival Berlin, May 2019

Slip: Joyrobix European Tour 2019, Berlin, Central Rixdorf, April 2019

Slip: Joyrobix UK Tour 2019, Manchester, Bradford, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, London, Liverpool, Newcastle, April 2019

London 1938, Emerging Artist Opportunity - British Council Germany, Liebermann Villa, Berlin, Gemany, January 2019


Auswahl 18, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland, December 2018

Archipiélago, Old British Embassy to Madrid, Madrid, Spain, September 2018

Biopsie, Artburst, R. – Raum für drastische Massnahmen, Berlin, Germany, September 2018

Trigger, Bar Babette, Berlin, Germany, July 2018

Perception Change, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, Germany, June 2018

Slow Moves, Stützpunkt Teufelsberg, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Teufelsberg, Berlin, Germany, June 2018

Flashback Displacement, Voodoo 55, Berlin, Germany, May 2018

Nature Morte, Fringe Arts Festival Bath, Bath, Great Britain, May 2018

Deep Maps, Dada Post, Berlin, Germany, April 2018


Dazwischen, Glogauair, Berlin, Germany, September 2017

Growing Pains - a Rooftop Rennaisance, Greenhouse, Berlin, Germany, June 2017

Thoughts Become Art, das Baumhaus, Berlin, Germany, June 2017

Das Atelier, Rathaus Aarau, Switzerland, May 2017


Auswahl 16, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland, December 2016

In the Woods Festival, Staplehurst, Great Britain, September 2016

This Was The Future, Young Visual Arts Group Barbican, Barbican, London, Great Britain, May 2016

Park 16, Cannizaro Park, London, Great Britain, April 2016


youandme, Harts Lane Studios, London, Great Britain, October 2015

Slippers 2, Safehouse, London, Great Britain, June 2015

You Are Already Dead, Camden People Theatre, London, Great Britain, May 2015

Kino Open Studios, Spike Island, Bristol, Great Britain, May 2015

0 – 27.352575 - 0, Erfrischungsraum, Luzern, Switzerland, April 2015

It's coming. It's just not here yet, Harts Lane Studios, London, Great Britain, March 2015


Auswahl 14, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland, December, 2014

Brick Cloud, Two Queens, Leicester Festival 2014, UK Young Artist, Leicester, Great Britain, November 2014

Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album, RA Late, Royal Academy of Arts, London, Great Britain, October 2014

Slippers 1, Hoxton Basement, London, Great Britain, June 2014

In-Between, Til Gallery, London, Great Britain, May 2014

Funding, Awards and Prizes


Stroom Den Haag, Pro Kunstprjecten, Den Haag, 2024

Wali Dad Foundation, project contribution, Hünenberg, 2024

Niarchos Foundation for Young Artists, project contribution, St. Moritz, 2024

Elisabeth Weber Stiftung, project contribution, Zurich, 2023

Godi Hertig Stiftung, printing contribution, Aarau, 2023

Aargauer Kuratorium, Förderbeitrag (prize for young artists), Aarau, 2023

Aargauer Kuratorium, project contribution, Aarau, 2023

Gwärtler Grant, Gwärtler Stiftung, Basel, 2023

Godi Hertig Stiftung, Big Art Fair contribution, Aarau, 2023

City Council Den Haag, Makersregeling Grant, Den Haag, 2022

Ruth und Edith Suter Stiftung, project contribution, Aarau, 2022

Godi Hertig Stiftung, project contribution, Aarau, 2022

Pro Argovia Experiment, Aarau, 2021

Stroom Den Haag, Pro Invest, Den Haag, 2021

Nominee for Royal Academy Masters Studio Award, Den Haag, 2021

Winner of the Master Artistic Research Department Thesis Award, Den Haag, 2021

Stadt Aarau, Coronafond for Artists, Aarau, 2020

NAB Kulturförderstelle, project contribution, Gebrauchsanweisung für Felsen, Aarau, 2020

Stadt Aarau, project contribution, Gebrauchsanweisung für Felsen, Aarau, 2020

Aargauer Kuratorium, project contribution, Aarau, 2019

Hans und Lina Blattnerstiftung, project contribution, Aarau, 2019

Kulturgesellschaft Bezirk Aarau, project contribution, Aarau, 2019

Shortlisted 6th international short story contest, Eyelands GR, 2016


Hotel Maria Kapel, Horn, 2025

Residenz Residenz, Forum Schlossplatz, Aarau, March 2024

Archipiélago, Old British Embassy to Madrid, Madrid, Spain, September 2018

SketchUp Online Residency, Online, October 2018

Written Work

Three Becomes One Becomes. Blog Botanischer Garten Zürich, December 2022

Van Stuk Tot Museumstuk (feature article printed), Metropolis M, Issue 5, October 2021

Dreaming in the Museum - Potted Plants as Indicators of Trauma in Museological Settings, Master Thesis, Den Haag, März 2021

The Lost and Found in the Here and Now, Bachelor Thesis, Chelsea College of Art, London, April 2016

In Search of the Elusive Blue (short story, printed), Athens, Greece, December 2016

Workshops and Masterclasses

Loose Ends and Frail Beginnings, Masterclass, Master Fine Art Programme, KASK Ghent, 2024

Children's Holiday Art Day, Casino Luxembourg, 2022

Poetry Workshop, Teenager, Casino Display Luxembourg, 2022

Colour  Workshop for Children, Im Leeren Raum, Germany, 2017

Reading Workshop, Sene Casita, home for the elderly, Schweiz, 2016

Conferences and Research Presentations

Three Becomes One, Research Presentation, Botanical Garden Zurich, 2023

Library Session, Research Presentation, Stroom Library, Den Haag, Netherlands, December 2022

Woven in Vegetal Fabrics - On Plant Becoming, Conference Presentation, Casino Luxembourg, January 2022

Curatorial Work

Co-Founder of Reading Group More Sparkling Than Crystal with Sarah Godfrey, 2021-ongoing

Program Director and Curator of Donaugang, Berlin, DE, October 2018 - 2019

Co-Founder of Zopf! - Breakfast Club for Unfinished Work with Joe Snape, Berlin 2017-2019

The Act Of Homemaking - Claiming Space, Dada Space, Berlin, Germany, August, 2018

Summer Solstice - Some Of These Places, im Leeren Raum, Berlin, Germany, June 2017

Publications and Reviews

Six Questions for Leonie Brandner. (Interview) Tique, 18. June 2023

Stroom Invest Interview / artist Leonie Brandner. (Interview) Jegens & Tevens, 12. Mai 2022

My Ears Are My Eyes (work documentation), Posthumanist, London, 2022

Woven in Vegetal Fabrics - On Plant Becoming (exhibition catalogue), Casino Display, Luxembourg, March 2022

My Ears Are My Eyes (work documentation), Hooops Magazine, Berlin, 2022

Die Aargauerkunst treibt frische Blüten, (exhibition review), Aargauer Zeitung, 12. November 2021

Kunst ist wie Spaghetti mit Tomatensauce, Künstlerinnen-Portrait (artist portrait), Neujahrsblätter Aarau, Dezember 2020

Marbellous Living (photo documentation), Contemporary Badass Magazine, August 2019

Archipiélago (exhibition review), Former British Embassy Madrid, Beis Revista , Nr. 9, December 2018

Biopsie, (exhibition catalogue) Exhibition Catalogue: Biopsie,  Artburst Berlin, September 2018

Rock Heads (photo documentation), Stillifemagazine, August 2018

So Juicy (photo documentation), Food & Love Magazine, July 2018 

Leonie Brandner (artist portrait), sage und schreibe, Schülerzeitgung Alte Kantonsschule Aarau, Schweiz, Nr. 25, May 2017

Rock Heads, Pample Mousse Magazine, Kunstmagazin, First Edition: I Told You So, Nr.1, November 2016

Bildschirm: ‘We all try really hard to be a cube.’ (artist portrait), Juli Magazin, Nr. 58, October 2015

Junge Aargauer Künstlerin für kurze Zeit zurück aus London.’ (artist portrait) Aargauer Zeitung 20.8.15, August 2015

Radio Interviews

Radio Interview Jungkunst, Radio Stadtfilter, 29.10.2022

Report about My Ears Are My Eyes, 100komma7, Radio Luxembourg,26.1.2022

Story telling, Dinge Sind Dinge Für Dinge, Kanal K, Switzerland, 2016

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