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Collaboration with Opera Singer Nina Guo

The Mossopera is a 30 minute musical performance inside a mossy green landscape stretching time, history and storytelling in physical and vocal form. Taking its cues from the miniscule plant we aim to create an installation to house our voices– an installation of objects resembling enlarged moss structures in which we, Nina Guo and Leonie Brandner, sing. Moss is an insulator and absorber, a buffer zone, a protector and a guard to the soil beneath. These qualities determine the way form and sound exists within the space, how it alters over time, how it is muffled, soaked up, absorbed, consumed and ultimately released.​



dimension variable

Ceramics, Balloons, Fabric, Metal, Singing


Supported by:

Pro Argovia

Punkt und Halbi Festival, Bleichi, Wohlen, Switzerland 2022
Next Generation, Trudelhaus, Baden, Switzerland 2023

photo: Julian Brandner

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