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Dreaming in the Museum - 
potted plants as indicators of trauma in museological settings

This text portrays the triangular history of potted plants, museum displays and trauma diagnosis. It is a collection of stories across time in different places, gathered almost like a bouquet of flowers – stories of peoples’ lives, stories of potted plants and stories about the way we account for the fragmenting effects traumatic experiences can have. But above all it is a story about hope, wonder, and joy – the joys of experience, and in particular the joys of being in the world together.


My thesis ‘Dreaming In The Museum’ was designed in collaboration with the Swiss graphic design studio Onari Projects.


It won the Master Artistic Research Thesis Department Award 2021 at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.



150 pages


To purchase a copy of the book 'Dreaming in the Museum' please contact me via mail.

photo: Onari Projects

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