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Marbellous Living

‘Marbellous Living’ is an installation in form of a living room around all that could be marble: marble cake, plastic marble fabric, a marble dress, marble paper tiles, glass marbles, books with the word marble in their title, a marble radio show and a marble TV show.


Marble became a status symbol of prosperity and wealth more than 2000 years ago. Associated with masterpieces of the antiquity, the material has a long-standing tradition in art and architecture and to this day adorns everything from entrance halls to bathrooms to iPhone cases. Marbellous Living places one marble association next to another, juxtaposes cakes next to books next to Wikipedia excerpts and tiles. The work is a curious mix between a private interior space and a public gallery and explores how we navigate our surroundings and create a home for ourselves. With the sweet taste of marble cake on the tongue a world carved out of potential marble opens up to the audience in Marbellous Living.


dimension variable

Lecture-Performance, Video, Audio, Cake, Plants, Found Objects


Auswahl 18, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland, 2018

BcmA, Berlin, Germany, 2019

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