I love spaghetti, preferably served with piping hot tomato sauce. I am interested in material narratives, how things can hold stories and how materials are tied up in narrative experience. In as such, the making, the crafting is central to my work. I am invested in dreams and wishful thinking, functionality and feeling like a necessary part of a system – in short I am interested in belonging, how I belong, how we belong, how things belong to a situation. My work is influenced by botany and feminist practices, by stories that are handed down from one generation to the next. I am concerned with questions around getting older, living a good life and the responsibility we take up in respect to ourselves, our friends and families, plants, rocks and pets and all the other things populating our experience of time.

The materials I choose, clay, fabric and plants, reference domesticity and often gendered labour. But the size at which I work often exceeds the home and the expected boundary of the supposedly fragile and delicate craft practices I deploy. Enormous ceramics and vast stitching meet text, audio and video and come together in dreamlike, unapologetically romantic installations that are intended to taste like a generous plate of tangled pasta smothered in red.



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